Hi Quality Roof Restorations


Your Questions Answered

  • How often should roofs be restored?

    The majority of roofs should be restored roughly every 10 – 15 years.
  • How long will Restoration take?

    This should take on average 2-3 days, one day for cleaning, rebedding and painting, and one day for sealer and coating. Of course this is subject to weather conditions and the size of the roof.
  • Are you licensed and insured?

    Yes, Hi Quality Roof Restorations is fully licensed and insured. Certificates of currency may be viewed before any work order is signed.
  • Which products do you use?

    We use Dulux 962 Roof Membrane. It is our most popular paint and applied right you won't get a better paint on the market.
  • What is the difference between Roof Membrane and paint?

    962 Roof Membrane system is a high build elastomeric or flexible coating, designed specifically for Roof Restoration. Unlike generic paint which produces a lower film thickness, offering less protection against the elements.
  • Why use the Dulux 962 Roof Membrane system?

    Provide maximum protection for your roof, in terms of crack bridging, weather resistance and maintain a long lasting lustre. Ten year material warranty from Dulux AcraTex. A neutral product that is rainwater safe.
  • What colours are available?

    There are sixteen stock colours in the 962 Roof Membrane range. These popular colours reflect the present day roofing trends. Colours can be customised, but are restricted, due to water collection formulation, as well as minimum production requirements.
  • Why is Roof Membrane glossy?

    Firstly to duplicate the look of a new roof Also aids in the prevention of dirt accumulation 962 Roof Membrane is formulated with gloss reducing fillers, ensuring the best quality membrane finish.
  • Can you paint terracotta roof tiles

    No. You can not paint terracotta roof tiles. We can high pressure clean terracotta tiles to bring them up to as good as new.