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When I meet with a customer for the first time, they’ll often have stories from personal experience or someone they know where Roof Restorations have gone wrong. This can occur due to dodgy workmanship, poor quality products being used and shortcuts in the process which result in you having to pay twice for the job to be done.

With this in mind I’d like to give you some tips on how to avoid this from happening to you.



1-Whilst there are many talented DIY experts out their, you don’t necessarily want them carrying out Roof Restoration on your home.

Make sure you check that they’re a registered Licensed Tradesman (click the logo below)

Roof Restoration

2 – Find out what application and process they have so that you know they aren’t taking any shortcuts.

Below is an example of paint peeling away. This is the result of poor workmanship and Cheap Paint.

cheap roof painting

3- Do they have a Warranty/Guarantees that come with their Roof Restoration quote?

This is an investment you don’t want to make again before its time.


DULUX 10year Warranty

4- Did the person doing the quote get up and Inspect The Roof? 

You don’t want any surprises when the job gets started.


5 – Get your Quote In Writing. This firms up your agreement and gives reassurance that you’re booking with a professional business.



I’d love you to put us to the test so get in touch to discuss your Roof Restoration today.

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Hi Quality Roof Restorations has extensive experience in the roofing industry. Hi Quality Roof Restorations is a Sydney based business located in Penrith delivering; honesty, integrity and commitment to every roof restoration, repairs & roof painting job we do. We pride ourselves on personal, professional service and quality workmanship.