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Roof Painting

Is your roof looking worn?

The Australian environment is harsh and relentless from 40 degree summer days, torrential rain throughout the year to freezing winter nights. Your roof is exposed to these elements all year round protecting your home and family.

Roof painting seems a simple thing that we do not give much thought to. Hi Quality Roof Restorations value roof painting because of the many advantages that this simple service brings. Just by painting your roof you can save on roof repairs and restoration?

Simple roof maintenance of painting your roof has a lot of merits. Apart from helping you not to spend on major roof repairs, painting maintains the aesthetic value of your house, business premises and schools. In addition, if you have real estate, then repainting can increase the value of your investment!

Have you checked your roof lately?

Roof painting is a popular and smart improvement for home owners to make on their home. The products we use are of the highest quality. Hi Quality Roof Restorations use and recommend Dulux AcraTex 962 Roof Membrane as it’s elasticity and durability is second to none and now with Dulux infra cool heat reflective paint you can rest assured that your home will stay cooler in summer and reduce your air conditioning bill.

Being Dulux accredited applicators gives you peace of mind knowing that Dulux will give you a written 10 year product guarantee.


DULUX 10year Warranty


Why compromise with your roofing and use cheap paints that you have never heard of before to save a few dollars? Do it once. Do it right!